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Reike is a form of holistic "Energy Healing"  that orginates from Japan in the early 20th Century.  This holistic practice is based on the bodies seven (7) Chakra areas of the body considered the "Wheel" and refers to the 7 energy points that flow through human body. 

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What to expect at your Reiki session


Our Master Reiki practioner will review your consent and intake forms with your prior to beginning your session.

You will be asked to lay flat on your back relaxed on our comfy massage bed clothed.  Reike practioner will begin by placing stones that represent the 7 Charka areas of your body.  

As you relax, she'll being to hover her hands gently over each of the 7 Chakra areas of your body or gently touch each chakra area, depending on your preferance discuss prior to your session.  As she moves her hands from area to area, with the intentions to open the channels of energy helping to restore and release a healthy flow of energy through each area of the body that may be damaged or energy blocked.  

During your session you may experience wariness or tingling through your hands and feet. As you continue to relax, the flow of energy will begin to open up your body, you may even fall into a light meditative sleep during your session. 

The practice of Reiki holistic treatment, has been known to help with a varity of physical and emtional issues, such as insomina, depression, anxiety and pain.  

Reiki gives your body a break from the daily stress of life, family and work, helping to return you to a state of relaxation. During your sessions you may feel cleansed, healed and rebalanced while recieving healing energy and a mediative relaxation, along with a refreshed and renewed state of mind and body, 

Reiki sessions are 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

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