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EMSlim Body Sculpting & Contouring

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EMSlim decvicesWhat is EMslim Body Muscle Sculpting and Contouring?

EMSlim is new technology designed to assist in a body sculpting and body contouring, assists and helps to burn fat, builds muscle mass and sculpts in the treated areas. With Zero-downtime, Zero-pain, a non-surgical way to define abs, thighs, arms and lift the buttocks.   Each session harnesses the power of High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to induce and stimulate the muscles with deep contractions within striated muscle tissue, approximately 20,000 muscle contractions in one 30 minute session.

EMSlim contracts the muscles faster and more effectively beyond physical exercising and training and increases muscle tone and increases fat burning as you relax and feel each painless contraction to each treatment area you’re looking to focus on. Results in helping to visibility see a reduction in fat loss, as well as defined and sculpted muscles to the areas that are being simulated. Treatable areas are abdomen, upper thighs, upper arms and buttock with no less than a series of 4 or more treatments for your best overall results. EMSlim is like a personal trainer during each of your 30-minute sessions over the course of 3-4 weeks spaced every 2-3 days apart, per area stimulated. Recommended 2 follow up sessions 6-8 weeks after initial 4-6 sessions package for maintenance to maintain your overall results.  It’s recommended to eat healthy food choices, drink plenty of water and to continue to maintain your regular exercise.

What to expect the day of your session – No jewelry or metals by the area being treated, no food at least 2 hours prior to your session and 2 hour after your session.  Where loose clothing, drink up to 64 oz of water daily. 

Are you a good candidate for EMSLIM sessions? 

  • Adults in good shape and good health and currently physically active or exercising, enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle. 
  • Looking to enhance and define to abs, thighs, arms or lifting/tightening up their buttocks are ideal candidates for EMSlim. 
  • If you work-out and can’t seem to get the 6-pack abs you’ve been working on or want that peach tight derriere this program is right for you! 
  • Healthy female candidates who are close or during their menstruation cycle may feel an increase in their menstrual cramping during and after your EMSlim session; therefore we recommend not undergoing a session during your menstruation cycle, you know your body best, so take this into consider when booking your sessions. 
  • Great treatment to alternate with our High Frequency skin tightening treatment. 

Will there be swelling or soreness after my EmSlim session?

After your session, you can experience temporary muscle soreness in the area treated, similar to a physical gym workout; there are no known side effects. With EMSlim, you can leave your session and show off their abdomen or head back to the gym to exercise that same day.

Possible contraindications to treatment include the following – Not a candidate 

  • Metal or electronic implants in the treatment area
  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • Implanted defibrillators
  • Implanted neuro-stimulators 
  • Drug pumps
  • Malignant tumor
  • Hemorrhagic conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Recent surgical procedures
  • Pregnant and nursing females are not candidates 
  • Clients with significant fat stores may not be an ideal candidates (energy used to power – penetrates to about 7cm, the thicker fat stores may not get a significant muscle contractions) those with thicker fat stores may not get as significant muscle contraction, resulting in fewer results following treatment.